What you should read today on my birthday

Here are some links you really ought to read if you love kittens and puppies.

Proof Positive has some great links that will keep you entertained, and in formed for hours

Becca Lower exposes one of the vilest, loathsome and cowardly bastards on the internet Bill Schmalfeldt. Bill likes to cyberstalk people who disagree with him, then threaten to sue them when they call him out. A real boil on the ass of society.

Of course the internet has lots of beauty too, like Last tradition, which brings us some Kelly Rowland who is absolutely gorgeous

Theo Spark is a great blog. Offering hotness, comedy, and even hoaxes

Feral Irishman really ought to offer free eye bleach

Reaganite Republican has Miss Sweden who is hotter than her name is hard to say

Postal Dog has a Jennifer Nicole Lee post Bottoms Up!

Randy says RIP to Ken Norton

Pitsnipes has a closing thought

Ah Pirates Cove, such a fine blog Look at this post he put up just for my birthday. Wait, what? You mean he does that kind of post every Sunday? Well, at least he exposes the truth behind the Al Gore Church Cult of Climate Change Propaganda

Miss K: Ah Memories

Maggies Notebook exposes rising, expanding boobies in California

Knuckledraggin has BACON!

Right Way has a Friday Babe

EBL has Angie Dickinson

Bob Belvedere has a look at the ugly face of Leftism

Kurt has an earworm

Fritz wonder what two drunken Irishmen would say

Angry Mike has some cool random stuff

American Power wonders whatever happened to “if you like your insurance you can keep it” American Power also has some HOT Rule 5 to cheer you up

Act Well Your Part has Beautiful Women 

90 Miles has an economics lesson

American Perspective has Leftist fails on gun control

Blonde Sagacity offers up more lessons for gun grabbers

Run Bear has your Sunday laugh

Daily Smug: Jews to the rescue

A Nod to the Gods: Harry Reid, DUMBASS!

Bad Sentinel has your AWESOMER then AWESOME pics

Barn-O-Rama has LOVE

BMG has some wacky haircuts

Moonbattery has a preview of Obamacare

1389 says see you later to Starbucks

COED has Miss COED

Allergic to Bull has some common sense

Double Trouble: Cars plus hot gals equals, WIN

Animal Magnetsim: Ah Brunettes

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