Leftism, an Ideology for Self-Absorbed, Morally Retarded People like Anna Shireman-Grabowski

Just who is Anna Shireman-Grabowski and why do I consider her morally retarded and self absorbed? Well, she is one of the miscreants who destroyed a 9-11 memorial this past week. Why would she stoop to such a despicable act? Well, she explains that she did it because she visibilizes imperilaism

Here’s a word of advice: avoid people who use words like “visibilize.” They’re bad people, in the same vein as people who use words like “heteropatriarchal” and throw the word “paradigm” around far more than is healthy. Anna Shireman-Grabowski of Middlebury College in Vermont (who is also a Salon contributor) could have used this advice before no doubt falling under the sway of a few pseudo-intellectual professors who filled her head full of garbage, leading her and a small group of friends to remove 2,977 flags from in front of the college’s Mead Chapel on Wednesday to protest a September 11 memorial.

My intention was not to cause pain but to visibilize the necessity of honoring all human life and to help a friend heal from the violence of genocide that she carries with her on a daily basis as an indigenous person. While the American flags on the Middlebury hillside symbolize to some the loss of innocent lives in New York, to others they represent centuries of bloody conquest and mass murder. As a settler on stolen land, I do not have the luxury of grieving without an eye to power.

I am always amazed when Leftist tools like Ms. Shireman-Grabowski accuse America of “imperiaism”. The fact is if we WERE imperialistic, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, the Phillipnes, Mexico, Canada and other nations would be our colonies. But, the fact that we do not conquer other nations to subjugate them escapes the intellectually challenged people like Shireman-Grabowski. They prefer feeling like a victim, and of course, they REALLY enjoy telling others they are victims too! Again, they are self-absorbed! As to the evil act that Shireman-Grabowski and her Leftist partners committed by destroying a memorial to innocents killed by TRULY imperialistic people, well, that act makes her morally retarded in my book. People like Shireman-Grabowski love to cloak themselves in the robes of tolerance and sensitivity, while in reality, their actions, such as destroying a memorial, are the very definition of intolerance and insensitivity. I guess we could safely add hypocrite to the description of Shireman-Grabowski.

Maybe it is as Blackmailers Don’t Shoot says, maybe Shireman-Grabowski just ran afoul of that age-old rule about not using certain words?

When you use the word visibilize, you have been listening to your Transgendered Native American Theory professor too much.

When you listen to your Transgendered Native American Theory professor too much, you destroy a September 11 memorial.

When you destroy a September 11 memorial, everyone in the comments section of the school’s blog thinks you’re a douche.

Don’t use the word visibilize.

Exactly! And avoiding such words also can prevent the humiliation you suffer when people who are much smarter than you decide to make an example of you!

Naturally, RS McCain could not help himself

Anna Shireman-Grabowski writes for Salon.com and also produces carbon dioxide. Anna Shireman-Grabowski in fact has had an enormously negative impact on our planetary ecology.

A quick observation here. Is it me or are people with hyphenated last names more prone to being obnoxious and perpetually bitter?. Another quick thought, what qualifications does Salon ask of its contributors? Bitterness? Stupidity? Leftist indoctrination? The inability to think? Apparently all of the above. Back to McCain’s destruction of Miss Hyphenated Last Name.

Climate scientists have noted a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions that can be traced back to the day Anna Shireman-Grabowskiwas born, a date that marked the “tipping point “at which the degradation of habitat began to result in mass deaths for polar bears, penguins, seals and several others especially cuddly species you used to see on Discovery Channel shows until Anna Shireman-Grabowski started hogging up all the natural resources and spewing massive quantities of carbon dioxide, and now they’re all nearly extinct.

Furthermore, Anna Shireman-Grabowski is the living embodiment of racism and white privilege. When she insisted on attending Middlebury College, Anna Shireman-Grabowski deprived an impoverished black child of the opportunity for admission to that elite school ($57,075 a year). And why? So that Anna Shireman-Grabowski could continue raping the environment and emitting CO2 that destroys the habitat of adorable arctic wildlife, that’s why.

Leading environmental experts agree that it was a catastrophic error that Anna Shireman-Grabowski was ever born. “If only her father had been gay,” said one noted climatologist, “our planet might have been spared this unprecedented devastation.” But both her parents were notorious homophobes, and her mother failed to exercise “a woman’s right to choose,” so that by an act of anti-choice hatefulness, Anna Shireman-Grabowski was unfortunately born.

Although she has attempted to atone for her existence by denouncing pipelines, fracking and the genocide of indigenous persons, the real problem is Anna Shireman-Grabowski herself.

The United Nations is considering a resolution to condemn her, but this will probably be too late to save the endangered penguins.

Just think of all those indigenous penguins dying because of Anna the Great White Penguin Killer? How sad, And when there are just a few penguins left the survivors of what we must now call the Imperialistic Shireman-Grabowski Trail of Indigenous Penguin Tears, will build a memorial to their fallen, and Shireman-Grabowski will be there to tear that down too! Sorry, I can’t continue, the anguish of the penguins is just too much.

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