Obama the Bull Shit Artist

The Other McCain sums up Obama quite well

Could he possibly look more ineffective if he tried? A year ago, after the Syrian civil war had already been going on for about 14 months, Obama declared that the Assad regime would cross a “red line” if it used chemical weapons against the opposition. By the end of April this year, there was already pretty clear evidence that chemical weapons had been used; in June, U.S. officials said chemical weapons had been used, and by early August, the Syrian opposition supplied video that appeared to confirm a chemical weapons attack.

And . . . nothing.

Nothing but a lot of noise and indecisive hand-wringing.

McCain, like me is against intervention in Syria because no matter which side wins that war, evil will rule Syria. But, McCain predicts that Obama will, instead of being damaged politically for his bumbling incompetence over Syria, BS his way out of it, while blaming Republicans of course!

Never threaten war if you’re not ready to fight, and once the British Parliament voted against attacking Syria, Obama was stuck with his pair of 7′s. OK, so he reverted to campaign mode: Says he’s going to wait for congressional authorization — which he knows damned well he won’t get — after which he will then blame Republicans as “obstructionists,” even though Democrats don’t want this war, either.

He’s a great bullshit artist, but he has never been anything more.

BIngo! Sadly, many Americans fall for the BS though.


2 thoughts on “Obama the Bull Shit Artist”

  1. We knew and have admitted eliding that CMs were used over a dozen times but have yet to clarify why this time was special; I have written why Dems are the last to want this action -they will vote against it

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