These ladies REALLY want you to check out Your Sunday Link-A-Round

Pirates Cove leads off with his awesome Sorta Blogless Pin Up Post and racism? What racism?

Miss K  True Dat!

That Mr. G Guy: Salon really blows chunks

Vodka Pundit: Obamcare sucks and I will NEVER link The DaleyGator

Wine, Women, and Politics has Democrat talking points

1389: The Justice Department picks a fight with Texas

A Herd of Turtles: The good news is your ship just came in….

Fritz has a test for you

Kurt has chicks with guns

Fritz: A gal named Bar!

Act Well Your Part: The Constitution DOES have a place in the White House

Duane Lester: “Man I am brilliant!”

Donald Douglas: Imogen Thomas is like HOT!

Angry Mike: Sunday Morning Hotness

Animal Magnetism: Rule 5 FRIDAY!

Astute Bloggers: Jackson and Sharpton are despicable

Blazing Cat Fur: America’s first running of bulls

Bluegrass Pundit: Texas rodeo to have Obama clown

Bob Belvedere: Disgracing our flag

Chicks on the Right: Boy Libs really hate competition

Matt has your Sunday Links 

Cordite in the Morning has a Blue Monday

Bill Quick has some poignant thoughts on race baititng 

Daily Smug has, well, click if you dare

Doug Ross explains the difference between Chicago and Orlando 

Doug Powers: How to shut race baiters up 

Gateway Pundit: Radical Atheists are now blowing up crosses?

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: Man proposes, gets hit in the head

Postal Dog has some late night hotness

Chris Wysocki, ready for more bad news about Obamcare?

Big Fur Hat: Gee I wonder where they got that idea?

NeoSexist has a Daily Quickie

I’m 41: Rep. James Clyborn is still a lying old tool

Lowering the Boom has some costume play gals

Maggies Notebook: Boot all of their asses

American Perspective has your cuteness fiX

Moonbattery has a Social Justice update

Steve may never be able to enjoy Livin’ on a Prayer again

Pitsnipes has Yellow Fever again

Proof has a great set of links too as well as his Friday Babe

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Reaganite Republican has a look at Miss Dominican Republic

Rio Norte: Why do we engage idiots?

Say Anything: The government hates competition

Sentry Journal has your Links

Why yes, The Classic Liberal IS still going!

Last Tradition has doubts about the veracity of this story

The Other McCain: See what happens when idiots Tweet? Also see The Other McCain go all Heteropatriarchal

Right Scoop: Why yes, MSNBS is still digging in the Pit or Eternal Liberal Stupidity!

Right Way has a nice Red Sox fan wearing a Bikini

Theo Spark has Totty!

Wyblog: What is it about the Left and race hoaxes?

Zions Trumpet: A warning from a former Soviet

Feral Irishman has Jessica Rabbit

Knuckle Draggin wraps us up


More updates coming later

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