The Tug of Peace? Good Freaking Grief!

The wussification of America continues

Tug of war was a suitable game for the old America, that had not yet been fundamentally transformed into a land of unadulterated moonbattery. Now we have tug of peace:

Participants group themselves around a rope that has been tied in a knot to form a circle. Players squat down around the rope, holding the rope with both hands. At the count of three, all players lean back and-using the energy of the group-they stand up. When everyone has stood up (and cheered), players can, on the count of three again, carefully lean back into a squat.

In this game, the counterbalance support that players provide to one another is a graphic representation of mutual support and cooperation. It’s a totally different experience than Tug-of-War, which can be a painful exercise that activates aggression and leaves players in the dirt.

Or maybe, since the exercise allows people to stand up by pulling against each other, it symbolizes how competition causes everyone to rise. But I doubt that’s what the creator Maria Sapon-Shevin had in mind, considering that she is a barking moonbat:

Mara Sapon-Shevin is a professor of education at Syracuse University. She teaches, writes, and lectures all over the world on the value of inclusive education, not just as a way to help students learn, but as a tool for building strong communities and promoting social justice.

More of this Marxist Moron’s deluded thinking at Moonbattery!


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