What is it with the Left and Dildos anyway?

RS McCain is still on the trail of the queen of illegal Lesbian sex, ah victim of Homophobia Kaitlyn Hunt. Hunt is 18, and had sex with a 14-year-old girl. Once busted for that she refused a plea deal and chose to play the “Victim of Homophobia Card”. Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, the victim pimping act is not working out.Mainly because Kaitlyn BROKE THE LAW! See, it really does not matter that Kaitlyn is Lesbian, it matters that she went after jail bait with a dildo, and things went downhill from there. 

Give me a D-I-L-D-O!
Give me a D-I-L-D-O!

Once you knew the facts, you recognized that the “Free Kate” argument was constructed entirely of rationalizations and evasions — minimizing, justifying, blame-shifting — and, if all those evasions failed, claiming that it is OK, because everybody does it:

Hunt’s parents believe their daughter is being singled out because she’s in a lesbian relationship.
“I could ramble off 10, 20 other relationship(s) right now at the same high school that are freshman and senior; 14 and 18; and they’re not being prosecuted,” Hunt-Smith said.

This is just dishonest. She claims to know about “relationships” that aren’t being prosecuted, but are 14-year-olds in Indian River County routinelyscrewing around with adults? Is this community such a pit of moral depravity that parents of high-school freshmen do not object to their 14-year-olds doing this? Give me a break.

These aren’t arguments. These are excuses.

And so now the scofflaw hoodlums are cornered like rats:

A plea bargain offered to accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt has been withdrawn after Florida prosecutors say the 19-year-old lesbian violated a judge’s order not to have contact with her underage victim. WPEC-TV reported that Hunt could be arrested today, and that the 19-year-old former cheerleader’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith may also face charges in connection with the case.
Hunt was a senior at Sebastian River High School when she was arrested in February on charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old freshman girl who was a basketball teammate. Hunt was charged with two felonies; the age of consent in Florida is 16. Last week, state attorney Bruce Colton’s office filed a complaint that Hunt, who has been free on $5,000 bond awaiting trial, violated the no-contact order that was a condition of her pretrial release. . . .
A hearing on the prosecutor’s complaint has been scheduled for Tuesday, but Scott T. Smith of Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC-TV reported Monday “Hunt faces being returned to jail as soon as today, and her mom may also face charges.” . . .
Violating the no-contact order could mean that not only will Hunt have to wait in jail until her case goes to trial, but she and her mother could also face charges of contempt of court and obstruction of justice. . . .

This is simple. People have used the “Victim Card” to excuse bad behavior way too much in America, so much so it is maxed out. If you want to say that the age of consent in Florida ought to be 15, or 14 in Florida rather than 16, fine. I think that 16 is about the right age, but Florida can lower that if the voters think it appropriate. But playing the oppressed Lesbian? The fact is many boys get charged for messing with jail bait. Kaitlyn Hunt needs to stop screaming Homophobia and accept that she is being treated equally under Florida law. And isn’t that what Gay activists want? Equality?

 UPDATE! Linked at The Other McCain, where we learn that Kaitlyn is back in jail

Evidently, her bond has been revoked, or there are new charges, but here’s the booking record from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, complete with a new mug shot, and the accused sex offender’s mother says Kaitlyn Hunt turned herself in, blaming the violation of her bond on the victim:

“Poor Kaitlyn can’t help herself! She was perfectly innocent and normal until that irresistibly hot underage girl cast her voodoo spell!”

Maybe if her trashy parents would stop throwing pity parties for their brats and instead teach them to respect the law . . .

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