Gator Doug’s Blogging Role Model, Michelle Malkin, Verbally Bitchslaps Al Sharpton (Video)

Michelle Malkin’s Must-See Takedown Of ‘Race Charlatan’ Al Sharpton: He ‘Has Blood On His Hands’ – The Blaze

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin went off on Al Sharpton on Wednesday’s “Hannity,” dismissing him as a “race charlatan” and “demagogue” who is known only for spreading “racial divisiveness and hate.”


“Al Sharpton has blood on his hands,” Malkin began. “He’s ruined lives. He’s been one of the worst purveyors of racial divisiveness and hate in my lifetime. How can you expect an ounce of honor from a man who doesn’t have it?”

She went on to call Sharpton a “shakedown artist” who hates “cops,” “whites,” “Jews” and “who has stoked his rent-a-mob to murder Yankel Rosenbaum, to destroy the life of Steven Pagones when he lied about Tawana Brawley.”

Malkin also warned conservatives not to get into the “snake pit” and attempt to have an honest discussion about race with people like Sharpton. She said conservatives have been far too “nice” thus far.

“You can’t with somebody who is a demagogue and is evil,” she added.


Later in the program, host Sean Hannity played a compilation of Sharpton’s most vitriolic and hateful moments, which Malkin described as “chilling.”

“In an era where we are supposed to take Martin Luther King’s words to heart about judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, all this man has done is enrich himself by fomenting more racial division,” Malkin reacted.

She added that it’s amazing Sharpton, a “race charlatan,” thinks he “can lose weight, put pancake makeup on, and all of a sudden he’s respectable.”

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