Why would IRS workers need exemption from the health care bill THEY will be enforcing?

Folks, you simply cannot make this stuff up can you? The Lonely Conservative has the details


The IRS is going to become Obamacare’s enforcer, yet its employees want nothing to do with the law, or at least their union doesn’t. They want an exemption for their employees. Lovely.

The National Treasury Employees Union, or NTEU, is encouraging its members to write their congressmen in opposition to HR 1780, a bill that would have federal government workers use health insurance exchanges to buy health insurance. (Their sample letter is below.) The exchanges would take the place of the Federal Employee Health Benefits program that currently provides insurance to Treasury Department employees. …

Many unions have lost their enthusiasm for ObamaCare and even called for the law to be amended, mainly in order to protect private plans that unions themselves have bargained for. But the NTEU’s action is especially telling because the NTEU represents Internal Revenue Service employees who have the responsibility to enforce much of the health care law, especially in terms of collecting the taxes and distributing subsidies that finance the whole system. IRS agents will also collect data and apply penalties for those who fail to comply with many of ObamaCare’s requirements. NTEU’s own experts seem to realize now that ObamaCare is a bad idea.

Treasury employees, and the union that represents them, are in a unique position to know how the new health insurance law will work, or if it will work at all. It seems the NTEU has little confidence in the exchange system. But rather than perform a public service by calling for the whole thing to be put on hold, the NTEU is looking to make sure its own people keep their exemption. 

Hope and Change? More like Lennin and Marx


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