So this is what post-racial means?

Obama was going to be our first “post-racial” president. Being a person who could not give a flip less about race, I wondered what that meant exactly. I knew a lot of Americans voted for Obama in 2008 BECAUSE of his skin color, and I thought that was strange, I mean if we were now a post-racial nation, why would anyone even consider  Obama’s skin color? Well since he assumed the office, President Obama has given us a very clear image of what  exactly post-racial means. And, I gotta say, it looks pretty damned racial to me.

The Left has ramped up its race baiting to a fever pitch. The vitriol launched against Conservatives is completely out of control. Our Attorney General Eric Holder, seem to be pretty obsessed with race frankly, and just ask George Zimmerman how post racial he feels these days.

The United States Department of Justice just doesn’t want to make life any easier for George Zimmerman apparently.

The DoJ has put a hold on all evidence related to the case, which includes Zimmerman’s Kel Tec PF9 handgun, which, under Florida law, should be returned to him.

According to the Daily Mail,

WESH-TV in Orlando reported Thursday afternoon that police had confirmed the evidence ‘hold,’ meaning that everything related to the trial, from Zimmerman’s gun to the Skittles and iced tea Martin was carrying when the pair’s altercation began, will remain in the hands of law enforcement.

The DOJ did not immediately respond to questions about whether it will take custody of the evidence, or when that might occur.

So, to be clear, in post-racial America, a man can defend himself, the local authorities can find no reason to charge him with any crime but a race pimp on the radio, Al Sharpton, can exploit the story and try to make it about race, and that leads to asinine second-degree murder charges? In the trial of the man who the media and Left tried to paint as a crazy White guy, even though he is Hispanic, the prosecution can consistently accuse that man of hunting down a Black kid because he is a racist profiler. And when this man is acquitted, the Left explodes in outrage, continuing their baseless charges of racism, and racial profiling. And what does this post-racial president do? Does he step up and say calm down, George Zimmerman has been found not guilty? Does he scold those engaging in racially charged vitriol? Does he urge Americans to accept the verdict? Does he move to bring people together? NO, he allows his Attorney General to persecute a man who a jury found not guilty. And a man who the FBI saw no grounds to pursue civil rights charges against?

So THAT is what post-racial means? The federal government persecuting a man and fanning rather than putting out the flames of racial division? 


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