Sum Ting Wong? You Bet There Is

Here’s One Of The Most Unfortunate Local News Screwups Ever – Awful Announcing


KTVU in the Bay Area had one of the most cringeworthy oversights you’ll ever see from a local newscast. Somehow, the station was duped into publishing the names seen above as the pilots for the Asiana Flight 214 plane that crashed in San Francisco. What’s more, there’s video of the names being read aloud on air…


First of all, two people died in the crash, so whoever thought this gag was timely or funny is a pretty terrible person. Yes, har har you made a joke with Asian names. Congratulations on fulfilling the fullest potential of your intelligence.

But second of all, how in the name of all that is holy does this get through numerous checks to get on air? I’m sure someone had to call/write in this tip to a living, breathing human being. Then we’re talking reporters, editors, and an entire flipping newsroom that had to vet it before it went on air!

Or, in this case, they didn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Sum Ting Wong? You Bet There Is”

  1. That’s what I was wondering. How did this get past even one person in that news room? Aren’t they the “smartest” people always explaining things to us rubes?

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