Senator Mike Lee: Defund Obamacare Or Face Government Shutdown

Sen. Mike Lee Throws Down Gauntlet: Defund Obamacare Or Face Government Shutdown – Independent Journal Review

Senator Mike Lee issued a scathing condemnation of the Obama administration’s decision to suspend the employer mandate, while leaving the individual mandate in force.


The Constitutional Attorney slammed the Democrats for promoting the interests of Big Business, while discriminating against the ‘little guy.’ Mike Lee’s diatribe would surely make moderate Democrats’ heads spin if they saw it:

“It’s fundamentally unfair to adopt an employer mandate and an individual mandate and say, ‘I’m going to enforce this against hard-working individual Americans, but the government is going to look the other way when it comes to wealthy, corporate fat cats”…

“If congressional Democrats want to oppose appropriations bills without additional ObamaCare funding, shut down the government, and side with the president and Big Business against the American people, then it’s their choice. But three years in, even the president himself has now admitted that ObamaCare won’t work. The only responsible choice now is to protect the country from ObamaCare’s looming disaster, start over and finally begin work on real health care reform.”

Political observers for many years have wondered why the Republican Party hasn’t invoked the language of the left to tarnish the undisputed party of Big Government and the Establishment – the Democrat Party. But the new wave of conservatarians in the Senate and House, who are opposed to both Big Government and Crony Corporatism, may do just that.

Senator Lee blasted the ‘constitutional scholar’ Barack Obama for ignoring the separation of powers principle of the Constitution he swore an oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend.’ The Executive Branch does not have the discretion to enforce duly passed laws, and thus President Obama cannot legally and arbitrarily decide to suspend the employer mandate.

Mike Lee also stood on principle and challenged his own party to defend funding the ObamaCare debacle:

“Our current CR expires at the end of September, and, so, every Republican is going to have a chance to weigh in on whether or not they’re okay with ObamaCare – whether or not they’re willing to fund it,” Lee explained. “I think any Republican who agrees to fund ObamaCare this time around is going to have a hard time explaining that to voters.”

Elections in 2014 will provide an opportunity for Republican voters to decide if they want more Senators like Mike Lee or more ‘work across the aisle’ guys like John McCain.

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2 thoughts on “Senator Mike Lee: Defund Obamacare Or Face Government Shutdown”

  1. Mike Lee’s an ineffective hypocrite who receives government health care himself. He doesn’t want the lumpen proletariat to receive the same benefits as he does even though your average landscaper does more work in one week than Mike Lee does in a year.

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