The Best of the Blogs

The Other McCain looks at the Party of Death and Perversion 

Zion’s Trumpet: Not one damn thing! 

Zilla has links, and a prayer request 

Jeff Dunetz tells us the latest casualty of Fast and Furious 


Wyblog looks at Our Secretary of Irrelevancy, John F###ing Irrelevant Kerry!

Wizbang: Paula Deen and Jesus walk into a bar wearing NRA T-shirts and eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches 

Wine Women, and Politics has some NSFW hotties Sofia-Jaramillo-18

What Would the Founders Think asks what Cool Calvin Coolidge would say

Weasel Zippers: Obamanomics losing streak rolls on 

Angry Mike: Why yes, gun rights ARE civil freaking rights you Leftist trolls

Conservative Girl: Alex Jones is the Oliver Stone of talk radio

Lowering the Boom: Mike Lee rocks! 

Proof Positive has a great link-a-round, and a Friday Babe AND a vintage Babe too!


1389: That bis one Krazy Kat!

90 Miles tells us to never trust a Liberal over 30

A Herd of Turtles has some hotties, and one pervert

Kurt has a happy birthday to America post!

Fritz has a fever, and the only cure is Rachelle LaFevre

Adrienne has Caturday!

Duane Lester: The catfish that ate Michigan

Allergic To Bull has an observation about the Zimmerman trial


Robert: Misdirection, Lies, and Deceit

America Glob: Gawker sucks like a ten-dollar hooker

Donald Douglas: Remember when Sarah Silverman was funny? No, neither do I

Animal Magnetism has Gingermageddon

Pam Gellar: Never forget how evil Jihadists are

Bare Naked Islam: Is the UK profiling Jews?

Theo has Saturday Totty

The Right Way has a Friday babe

Revo: THEN they cam for the Ice Cream Man

Lonely Conservative: THEN, they came for your grill r107

Last Tradition celebrates 67 years of bikinis!

Classic Liberal has extremists, and hot women

That Mr. G. Guy: Tyranny of laws

Teresa: Hoes before Embryo’s?

Bluegrass Pundit: Hitler Fried Chicken? WTF?

Bob Owens: This thing really went to trial?

Bob Belvedere: Patrick Henry rocked!

Captain’s Journal: Guns the “just go off” 


Conservative Hideout: Facebook Friends and Links

Bill Quick: why do all the idiots have jobs these days?

Daily Smug: How stupid is Bette Midler anyway?

Daniel Greenfield: a hero time nearly forgot

Doug Powers: I try not to poke fun at Anthony Weiner, but….

Doug Ross: Why does Obama hate women?

Pat Austin: I am going to  Texas Ranger game, ad i am NOT inviting that DaleyGator guy

Sentry Journal: What happened to us?

Rio Norte: Is THAT all a college education gets you?

Dan Riehl: Perry/Cruz? or Perry/Paul? r18

Reaganite Republican: Have you seen Miss Poland?

Randy has patriotic bikini!

Evil Blogger Lady has some Egyptian Rule 5

Gateway Pundit: Facebook Group promises riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty

Pretty Fly for a Jersey Guy: You might be an Islamist if

I’m 41: Obama’s chickens and Egypt

It Ain’t Holy Water: It is THAT hot outside

JIll: Why does Obama hate Africans?

Political Clown Parades has your political jabs


Pitsnipes has your eye candy

Pirates Cove has a warning about barnacles killing Mother Earth

Nice Deb has some Saturday links

Neo Sexist: This kids mommy is an idiot

Steve: Metadata Madness

Moonbattery: California, the Stupid State

American Perspective: Investigate the IRS already!

Maggie: Key Benghazi witness missing?


Legal Insurrection: Run Liz Run

We wrap up with some links to my other blog, the DaleyBabes Blog

Mina Sakura

Saturday pics

Olinda Castaneda

Monday Pics

And Kimah Nicole

And now, a dog licking a baby’s face, everyone say awwwwww


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