Feminist Summer Camp? Well I bet that is a barrel of laughs

As much fun as being mauled by a leopard I bet

Via NRO:

Feminist Camp — yes, you read that right — is the brainchild of Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner, coauthors of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future, and cofounders of Soapbox Inc., a “women’s rights” organization that, as its name might suggest, is light on cogitation and heavy on cowbell.

Feminist Camp is “a transformative week of feminism in action” for undergraduate and graduate students, and recent alumni. Each day is organized around a particular theme: “Reproductive Justice,” “Sexual Power,” “Feminist Art,” “Philanthropy,” etc.

Professors, staff, and professionals can take part in a three-day Feminist Intensive, developed, among other reasons, “to create a larger community of feminist teachers and scholars.”

And in an effort to brainwash them young, Soapbox sponsored at the end of June the first Feminist Day Camp, a five-day feminist immersion for high school upperclassman. Interested parents might watch the price tag, though: The week cost participants $1,000, not including housing. Hey, it takes a lot of money to discover you’ve been a dupe of the patriarchal system.



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