Your Sunday Night Salute to Great Blogs and Hooters Girls

This post was inspired by this post at 90 Miles From Tyranny

The first Hooters opened October 4, 1983, in Clearwater, Florida.

I was working weekends at a hardware store called Scotty’s to support my College habit.  I delivered the lumber for the first Hooters I ever saw or heard of in my Florida City….
See Them Here:

Hooters Girls of Orange County

I visited that Hooters quite a bit, so I can say I was a Hooters fan from the start, and that post got me thinking about Hooters and how much Feminuts hate Hooters, and how Hooters can agitate the feelings of overly Social Conservatives. So, In honor of Hooters here are the best links from the blogs, and some Hooters Girls too!

American Power has a great video of some Hooters Girls

American Power also has a decent Rule 5 round up, although he did miss someone special, Ayhum

90 Miles also has a gal, with a gun

William Teach has a look at some border security “pitfalls” and his awesome Sunday Blogless Pinup Post

1389 Blog has the four Arabic words EVERY Infidel should know

A Herd of Turtles has some cool pics, and more cool pics

Kurt P salutes Serena Williams


A View From the Beach offers up some Amber Heard

Adrienne: For once I agree with Bill Maher

All America Blogger has your Weekend Links

Robert tells the GOP what they should do now

Aleister has video of Gutfeld trashing Jim McDermott

Among the Joshua Trees salutes Lingerie


Angry Mike likes the Asian ladies NSFW

Animal Magnetism likes the Reds

Astute Bloggers has the story of the UK appeasing Islamists 

Pam Gellar has a story of Obama copying the UK

Bare Naked Islam shows how radicals pay back Christian tolerance

Blazing Cat Fur laughs at the “Inclusive Garden”

Barb reminds us that there is a price for freedom

Bluegrass Pundit has angry bees vs Syrian Rebels

Bob Owens looks at those “high-capacity” guns

The Brenner Brief looks at another Hollywood star attacked for not demonizing guns


Bring the Heat celebrates 5 years of blogging

Wicked Thoughts has a Jeep for sale

Uncoached has Hannah Flattery

TC Mag has an idiot, on a bike, getting his just desserts

Soylent has giraffes doing the trapeeze

Smoking Jacket has Vivian Chau, OW!


Miss K has a funny vodka ad

Maxim presents Bria Murphy

Wirecutter is looking for Leprechauns

Jenna Dewan Tatum is featured at Mandatory

Izismile has 50 funny photos

Hookers and Booze has about what you would expect

Heavy has Jamie Pressly

Guyism has an unfortunate news anchor

Guyspeed has a Babe of the Week

Guns and Bikinis has BOOBIES!

Gunaxin has Poppy Montgomery


Bob Belevedere has a very curvy Rule 5

Captain’s Journal looks at the Church and Gun Control

Bill Quick: Christie or Walker for President?

Daily Smug: Bloomberg you dirty rat!

Sultan Knish: The End of the World

Doug Giles: Biden’s Utimate Gaffe

Doug Powers: Chelsea Clinton’s amazing statement


Doug Ross: The GOP really does suck

EBL has a must see video

Gateway Pundit tells us it is time to laugh at a racist asshole

Big Fur Hat: How did the Pilgrims ever survive?

I’m 41: How to stump a Leftist tool

It Ain’t Holy Water: Good dog

FHM: The greatest car ever made?

Alexander Wang - Backstage - Fall 09 MBFW

Feral Irishman: Wolf chases motorcycle

Double Trouble: random hotties

COED: Isabelle Leong is quite fetching

The Chive: Life is Awesome!

Barn O Rama has a cool gorilla

A Conservative girl talks about Paula Dean, and PC

Laughing Conservative: Snowden flying to Cuba?

Legal Insurrection: Lawmagedon!


Maggies Notebook exposes the Casino Kickback

American Perspective has the best golf video evah!

Moonbattery wonders when Jamie Foxx will be in hot water

Motor City Times has Sunday Links

Nice Deb has Judge Pirro’s take on IRS bonuses

Old Virginia: Nullification anyone?

Pitsnipes has advice on manners

Political Clown Parade: Obama’s Contras


Proof has the Best of the Web, and Friday Babe

Randy has his Thursday Tart

RR has some Orwell wisdom

Rio Norte: Why “Yes we can” Blows

Sentry Journal A Round at the Link


 Wyatt Earp: He had 140 pound balls


Classic Liberal has some knowledge with Rachel Nichols

Lonely Conservative: My Mr. President, that is a mighty big carbon footprint you have there

The Other McCain: Attention Whores make lousy moms! Also Perverts, Degenerates and Sociopaths



The Right Way has a Friday Babe

Theo has a Bedtime Totty and salutes the Israeli Navy

Wine, women and politics has Geezer Gone Wild!

Zion’s Trumpet: Sharia, is EVIL

Wyblog: Amnesty plus!



10 thoughts on “Your Sunday Night Salute to Great Blogs and Hooters Girls”

  1. Years ago, when my mom was in her late 70’s I took her and her sister who was visiting from out-of-state, to Hooters for lunch. They were so curious and the girls made them feel right at home, in fact, gave them special attention. It was very sweet. I have a photo of them in front of Hooters to memorialize the event, which I thought would be a one-time thing. Now my Mom is 91 and lives in an Assisted Living facility. Everyone was very impressed that she had been to Hooters and she talked them into taking the facility bus to the same Hooters for Friday lunch. Everyone had a ball – again, gracious and respectful service.

    Thanks so much for including me in link-around.

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