Obama plans to bypass Congress, and kick working Americans in the economic nuts again!

Had enough Hope and Change yet Comrades? Chris has had more than his fill

Are you tired of paying too little for electricity? Me too! But have no fear, Barack Obama has a plan to raise your ratesagain, and combat the non-existent scourge of Globull Warming too.

Hours after promising in Berlin that action was coming on climate change, Barack Obama is preparing to make what could be the biggest environmental move of his presidency. White House officials say the President is planning to implement new regulations that would significantly reduce carbon emissions on existing power plants. The plan — which was hinted at in The Los Angeles Times earlier this week — involves instituting new rules through the Environmental Protection Agency, which doesn’t require the approval of Congress.

“Biggest move of his presidency” means regulations even more onerous than the last round of diktatswhich only raised electric rates by 800 percent.

We can only speculate as to what the impact will be, a thousand percent? Two thousand percent? But I guarantee his proscriptions won’t be cheap.

Earlier on Wednesday, Obama made climate change a key section of his address at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, calling it “the global threat of our time.” Adding that “Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet.”

Just how much Lennin-worthy propaganda can you pack into one sentence. Peace with justice? For the children? And of course, the old standby for Communists, the “environment is doomed” lie.


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