Is it me or does it seem the biggest bullies are anti-bullying activists?

It should be known, in the 7th grade, I had a bully who picked on me, he was  snotty little punk, and, it turns out not a very good fighter. Odd, his harassment of me stopped as soon as I punched him a few times. Later on, in the 11th grade, there was another kid who thought it was a good idea to try to bully smaller teens. I stuck up for them, he decided to attack me from behind on the bus after a soccer game (I scored three goals and got a hug from Jennifer, who was the hottest girl in school) so, I was in no mood to deal with his BS. In short his attack from behind strategy got him a fat lip and extreme embarrassment. The point is I know bullies suck, and sometimes bullying can be carried to extremes, and those punks should be dealt with, so, I am not making light of bullying at all. With that being said, here is the story

Any cause, no matter how noble, can be completely bastardized by activists. Chris has a great example of how the “anti-bullying” activists are using their cause, to bully the normal folks

NJ bans trash-talking in high school sports

Yes, really.

Because, bullying.

New Jersey high school athletes who talk trash could find their teams penalized and themselves under investigation by the state Civil Rights Division.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association and the state Attorney General’s Office announced the new policy on Wednesday.

They say it brings athletic events into line with the state’s anti-bullying law for schools.

Referees would also be required to report incidents for possible further investigation.

Soon they won’t even keep score. Because “losers” will feel bad. And God forbid someone’s precious little snowflake feels bad.

We’re breeding a nation of wimps.

Oops, can I say “wimps?” Or is that bullying?

Ah yes, the natural evolution of the Left’s campaign against competition  has reached this point. Trash-talking, celebrating a TD, or a home run, these normal outbursts of emotion are now in the cross hairs.

It will not be long until bloggers will be accused of bullying by Liberals. If I had a bet on who the Liberal would be, I would bet on Charles Johnson because several bloggers like to show the absurdity of CJ’s hyperbole. And, since Johnson is somewhat of a whiner….. And really now, isn’t talking ill of someone’s ideology “trash-talking”? Just wait it is coming. Pretty soon “bullying” will rival “RAAAAACISM” as the favorite victim card of the Left. And, when it happens, remember who said it first. I suppose if I was an activist at heart I could start the Anti-Anti-Bullying Coalition, but activists tend to make my skin crawl, so I do not want to become one of those self-important douche bags. Oh, I wonder if calling those self-important douche bags out is “bullying”, see where this leads……………


2 thoughts on “Is it me or does it seem the biggest bullies are anti-bullying activists?”

  1. I too had a “tough guy” who always picked on me in grade school. And in the 7th grade he decided he wanted my umbrella while I was walking home in the rain. As he was smirking triumphantly while holding it I hauled off and clocked him in the nose. He hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.

    Later on in high school some other kids started saying nasty stuff to me, until someone reminded them, “he’s the kid who decked L*****i.” They left me alone.

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