Race-Baiting Douchebag you have never heard of goes on tirade to prove how “relevant” he is

Now you might have heard of W. Kamau Bell, personally, I have no clue who he is. I do know however that he demonstrates just how judgmental, backasswards, legally retarded and racist Leftist ass hats are. Video at Big Hollywood, but here is the transcript of Bell trying to be relevant, or cutting edge, or funny, or whatever

W. KAMAU BELL: George Zimmerman, you are a profiling, vigilante, racist, right-wing, trigger-happy, child-killing coward. I want to rip off your nuts, shove them down your throat, pull them back out your ass, toss them like dice, roll a hard six, pick them back up, put them in a blender, make a nut smoothie, drink it all down, feel refreshed, piss it back out, take off your shirt, wipe it up, wash your shirt on high –oh, it’s gonna shrink – put the shirt on a dog, call that dog a cat, laugh at your cat-dog, drop you both off at a Crip cook-out in Compton! 

Now, as far as I know, Zimmerman has not been tried, much less convicted, yet, Bell has no problem declaring that Zimmerman is evil personified. Why? Because the Al Sharpton’s of the world decided to make Trayvon Martin a martyr, and buffoons like Bell have no better sense than to ask “how high” when Sharpton says jump! Now, time, and Zimmerman’s trial might prove he IS what Bell says he is, but Bell has no idea if that will happen. And, if the trial exonerates Zimmerman as a man just defending his life against a thug? What then? Will Bell apologize? Rethink his rhetoric? Hell no, he will simply put his head farther up his ass and scream RAAAAACISM! Because that is what he wants to scream, because of the ignorance and hate in his heart. He is no different from the moronic Klansman who burn crosses, and deserves to be ostracized just as they are. And those applauding his hateful rant in the audience? What is wrong with them? I would like to mask each of them questions about the Zimmerman case. Wanna bet they would give answers that are out of touch with the facts? Wanna bet they would just regurgitate MSNBS talking points?


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