Ammo shortage easing up?

John Carey reports that he is finding 9 mm easier to find, I can say the same about .40 so, those are good signs.

 Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed that handgun ammo shelves at my favorite sporting goods stores are beginning to fill up again with popular calibers.  It appears the great guns and ammo crisis of 2013 may actually be coming to an end; at least until the next panic buying kicks in

The key to making this last is to pace yourself when purchasing ammo.  If everyone buys a little at a time to fill their stockpile we all win.



2 thoughts on “Ammo shortage easing up?”

  1. If all gun shops had the policy my local one does, everyone would be able to buy what they need. Their policy is (5) boxes per caliber per day and a 200 rd limit on .22 LR.

    They do have occasional sales on case lots of 7.63×39.

    1. Absolutely! But people freaked and started hoarding ammo, plus the government bought a LOT apparently. I have been getting mine on line, and there were times when no one seemed to have any available. Now, though, I usually have several options as to where to buy

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