Swaziland Bans Witches From Flying Broomsticks Above 150-Meter Limit

Swaziland: Witches Banned From Flying Over 150 Meters – Trutv

Authorities in Swaziland, who are very serious about their witches, have enacted revolutionary new legislation intended to regulate all witch air traffic over their country.


Specifically, they have set some very restrictive vertical limits on what has traditionally been a witch’s right: to fly her broomstick as she pleases. Swaziland may in fact be the only country to have ever attempted to regulate witch air traffic. The new legislation stipulates that witches on broomsticks flying over Swaziland may not fly higher than 150 meters, that’s about 164 yards to you and me.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Marketing and Corporate Affairs Director, Sabelo Dlamini, confirmed the new flight limitations for South Africa’s Times Live, “A witch on a broomstick should not fly above the [150-metre] limit.” Any witches caught violating the altitude limit will be subjected to a fine of R500,000, about $53,000.

According to Times Live, Swaziland’s local folklore concerning witches holds that they use their brooms to spread their evil potions. Consequently it is unclear how air-traffic authorities propose to enforce the law in the face of a witch, fully armed with her broomstick.

No Swazi witches or their representatives has so far commented on the new legislation.

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