Why would any woman this hot date a loser?

This is Karrueche Tran, she is very attractive, and she is, apparently dating Chris Brown, who famously beat up Rihanna, who, at one time recently renewed her relationship with Brown, or Little Bitch 2, Kanye West being Little Bitch, as I like to call him. So, this question must be asked. WHY in the world would beautiful women date a scumbag loser like Chris Brown? Here is one undeniable fact of life ladies, when you are hot, you pretty much get your pick of guys. You do not have to settle, and you definitely do not have to go out with a loser who beats up women. 

Other women have had problems with men. Halle Berry for instance. Halle is talented, and one of the most beautiful women ever to walk the earth. If you are Halle Berry, you can have any guy out there, yet, Berry has a history of poor choices in men.

Again I must ask why? Sure Brown is famous, and rich, for some reason people think he has talent, but Rihanna is famous, more famous than Brown in fact. So why would she put up with any BS from him? And, given his violent ways, why would the lovely Karrueche Tran even speak to him? Maybe these women are as big a losers s Brown is? Maybe it is a self-esteem thing, who knows. It has always amazed me how many women go for the loser, the abuser, the cheat, etc. Maybe they mistake niceness in guys as weakness. Maybe they truly think all men are pigs, so they might a well get the most successful guy since all men suck.

By the way, not only is Brown a loser with a bad temper, but he even looks like a little bitch. Seriously ladies, THIS is what you find desirable? THIS is manly to you?

chris-brown-amas-2012-red-carpet-05 chris-brown-supafest-2012-24

2 thoughts on “Why would any woman this hot date a loser?”

  1. I am pretty open minded re pop music but Chris Brown really sucks- I don’t know who ever buys his tripe, its a bore

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