You will never guess what was found at Muslim conference in Dearborn, Michigan

Things that make you go HMMMM

Less than two months removed from the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon where pressure cooker bombs killed three people and injured over 200, several floors of a Michigan hotel were evacuated early Monday after a female guest discovered a pressure cooker in a second-floor bathroom.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the pressure cooker was found around midnight at The Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, and had not been converted into an explosive device. Police tell the Freep that the evacuation was a precaution and no injuries were reported.

Sources to Local 4 say that the pressure cooker did not belong to the hotel.

The Universal Muslim Association of America(UMAA) was hosting a three day conference at the hotel this Memorial Day weekend, and Arab-American News reports that the event titled, Conference of Ali,  attracted attendees from different states and countries including several from Toronto, Canada.

Well, it was not a bomb, so what was it doing there? On an American holiday that honors our military? A sick joke? A dry run? 

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