An undeniable truth, sex sells

Stacy McCain has been going after a story about a jailbait Lesbian scandal, involving an 18-year-old Lesbian, Kaitlyn Hunt and her 14-year-old “victim”. The case is fascinating on several fronts, and of course, Hunt is being used by the “Gay rights” crowd to further their cause. Then there is the matter of how old should one be before society accepts their decisions as to who they do the Horizontal Bop with. To me, 14 is a bit young for that, whether the sex is straight, or Lesbian, or Gay. Maybe 16 is a reasonable age for society to say “hey, they are old enough to make that choice”, but 14? Come on! The other aspect of this, which McCain explains is that some folks would call the accused, Hunt, cute. And, face facts, sex sells news stories just like it sells everything else.

Some friends have asked why I’m being such a hard-ass about the Kaitlyn Hunt case. Certainly, my personal experience and opinions are relevant to the situation, and perhaps later I’ll discuss the case in terms of my perspective as an erstwhile teenage hoodlum.

No one familiar with Rule Five of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog” could miss the professional interest in a case where it is entirely legitimate to use Jailbait Lesbian Scandal as a headline.

Ouch. Stop. You’re twisting my arm.

This case involves serious matters of law, politics, culture and morality. It also involves journalism bias, with liberals pushing the #FreeKatepropaganda of gay victimhood, and it is that aspect of the Kaitlyn Hunt case that angers me most: Stop the damned lies.

Go read the rest, Stacy makes some fine points. As for me, I would make this point to those pretending that Kaitlyn Hunt is ONLY being charged because she is a Lesbian. PLENTY of young men have gotten in trouble over having sex with girls that are too young. The law is what it is, and if it is truly equality the Gay rights activists want, then they have it in this case, because if Kaitlyn Hunt were Kevin Hunt, then she would still be in hot water. In fact, there might be an argument that no one would be coming to “Kevin Hunt’s “defense. See that is the bad thing about equality. You do not get to scream “special privileges” when you break the rules. All the law cares about here is that an 18-year-old, messed around with a 14-year-old. Sexual orientation does not figure into it. Kaitlyn Hunt is no more a “victim” than any 18-year-old boy would be.

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