The Other McCain: It has been a tough week for the guy who used to be somebody

That “used to be” being Charles Johnson of course. As I read Stacy McCain’s post on CJ, I was floored. Who knew Charles Johnson was still blogging? I thought maybe he had run off to join some cult that worships pony tails or something. But it turns out that Johnson is still around, and still making an ass of himself

The World’s Least Credible Blogger™ has been tying himself into laughable knots of hilarious self-contradiction lately, attempting to defend President Wiretap Benghazi Failure against . . . Well, facts.

Facts have always been optional with Obama, who has relied on his media-generated force field to survive all previous encounters with unfortunate reality. Obama’s fawning fanboy Charles Johnson fancies himself an apostle of Scientific Truth (and imagines his antagonists are all ignorant bigots), but the relentless drip, drip, drip of scandalous facts the past few days have been quite hard on CJ’s self-image.

Case in point: Diary of Daedalus catches CJ attempting to redefine the word “bogus” as “vastly overblown,” so as to dismiss as false or exaggerated the accounts of how Tea Party groups and other conservatives were targeted by the IRS.

So, Johnson falls back on the deny, deny, deny tactic. It does not matter that Conservative groups WERE targeted, or that the IRS ADMMITED that they targeted Conservative groups, not to Johnson.  Stacy gets in one more barb at CJ while directing us to a list of his recent failures

Scroll down Diary of Daedalus and enjoy the ridiculous failures. That is to say, if you still remember who Charles Johnson is. Or rather, was.



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