Just another reason you could not pay me enough to live in the People’s Republic of Bloombergistan

AKA New York City. AKA Nanny State USA

They haven’t built a wall yet. You can still get out of New York without having to swim across a river under machine gun fire. What are you waiting for, New Yorkers? If you don’t escape while you can, you will just get ever more of this:

Jack Pawlowski was led out of his Queens home in handcuffs Wednesday, with his stunned wife and three young kids looking on. He said nothing as detectives put him into a squad car.

His crime: He took two of his kids around the corner to Ditmars Park. There he brazenly showed them how to shoot pellets at a tree with a toy gun. This was enough to set concerned citizens on a righteous crusade to see to his punishment.

“I don’t tend to take things lying down, so I went past the parents, and so I walked straight over and I confronted him,” said Leni Calas. “I mean, he’s brandishing a firearm and I don’t care if that firearm is plastic. That’s unacceptable.”

Calas called police, who arrived after Pawlowski left. She also called City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-22nd) and posted [a photo of Pawlowski] on her “queensmamas” website.

That led to a tip that led investigators straight to Pawlowski’s door.

Doubleplus good, Comrade Calas! Big Brother should double her chocolate ration. As for Pawlowski, he will be made an example of.

“This is really a way to educate people,” Vallone said. “You cannot run around with a realistic looking gun. It’s against the law, and you could get arrested and actually go to jail.” …

[Pawlowski] remained in custody Wednesday evening, on charges of reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a minor, resisting arrest, and possession of an illegal BB gun.

And the idiot that got her panties in a wad over a father playing with his kids? Just wait until she does something The State deems unfit, and a “concerned citizen” Brownshirt turns her in, then she will understand how dangerous allowing the State such power really is.


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