DaleyGator DaleyBabe Carissa Rosario and a Rule 5 tour

Ah yes, the Rule 5 roundup, I have blown this off the last two weeks. Here are some other Rule 5 bloggers

Bob Belvedere with Rule 5 News

Donald Douglas with Jessica Jinx and Jessica Davies

Reaganite Republican with patriotic babes

Lower the Boom goes LOW

Proof Positive has Gwynneth

William Teach has a hottie pumping gas and the Sunday Pin Up post

90 Miles From Tyranny has a gal and a gun and this beauty

Fritz has Gingers

Kurt has curves

Randy has his Thursday Night Tart

Double Trouble has sexy ladies

Matt has so many great links, there are bound to be hot women and hot political opinions!

Angry Mike has some NSFW beauties

Animal Magnetism has Gingermageddon

Bro Bible has the Hottie Index

A Nod to the Gods has a slinky woman

BarnORama has cute girls laying in bed

The Eye has Kristen Chenoweth

Bro My God has 25 Beautiful girls

It Ain’t Holy Water has Squaws

EBL has Rule 5 from the WHCD

Busted Coverage has the gal who stole my heart

Pitsnipes has finger painting honeys

Rio Norte has the hottest women in the UK

Sentry Journal has lots of links too

Caveman Circus has the definition of beauty

Celebslam has Shayne Lamas

COED has the hots for the OKC Dancers

Wyatt thinks Michelle Rodriguez is OK!

College Poison has BOOTY!

Classic Liberal recalls Raquel Welch

Last Tradition has Jada!

Feral Irishman: You know if  was a cartoon…

Funtasticus has Rosie Jones hotness

Right Way has Friday Babeage

Gunaxin has Huggable Aussies

Theo Spark has Totty!

Guns and Bikinis has, Hot, Wet, Women

Guyism has some hot links

Uncoached has Olivia Culpo

GuySpeed has Casey Caitlin

Hell on Earth has nice butts!

Soylent Siberia has a hot gal, with a gun, wet, and handcuffed

Smoking Jacket has Lovely Ladies Links

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

Miss K has lots of hot women heavily armed

Mandatory has Michelle Keegan

Wirecutter has WHOA!

Popholic has Megan Fox

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