Happy Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday (aka Earth Day)

Happy Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday… – Moonbattery


…or as it’s called now, Earth Day. A little background on its cofounder Ira Einhorn:

Einhorn was a leftist leader who cheered on the Viet Cong in the 1960s, hoping for a United States defeat. Then he adopted environmentalism and in 1970 hosted one of the very first Earth Day rallies…

Einhorn is serving a life sentence in a federal prison. That’s because he murdered and “composted” his estranged girlfriend, Helen “Holly” Maddux, back in 1977.

The infamous RINO Arlen Specter – who eventually switched parties – was Einhorn’s lawyer, and got him such amazingly low bail that he was able to slip off to Europe. It took two decades to get him back in the USA and convict him.

After the verdict, the judge called Einhorn “an intellectual dilettante who preyed on the uninitiated, uninformed, unsuspecting and inexperienced.”

This same class of clueless if sanctimonious moonbats has been preyed upon far more profitably by Al Gore.

…………………………Al Gore prototype Ira Einhorn

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