Head of ICE union: Immigration bill will put public safety at risk

I have no doubt it will be another disaster. I am not shocked at all that law enforcement is against it 

The leader of an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement union on Thursday called on lawmakers to vote down the Gang of Eight’s sweeping immigration proposal, warning that the new legislation would make the country more dangerous if implemented into law.

“This bill will put the public safety at risk without doubt,” ICE agent Chris Crane, the president of the National ICE Council, said during a press conference in the Russell Senate Office Building.

There is no way this is a good bill in my view, the first problem? It is 844 pages long. NO bill ever needs to be anywhere near that long. The ones supporting this bill do not even know everything in it. Any bill that long is bound to be full of waste, pork, and tons of red tape. Second it does not do what any reasonable immigration bill would do. It does NOT secure the border FIRST! Third, it comes from many of the same folks who have not enforced existing law. Finally, anything sponsored by Chuck Schummer is likely not a good idea. 




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