*VIDEO* Obama Throws Embarrassing Hissy-Fit On National TV After His Latest Gun-Grabbing Effort Fails


And, of course, most of what he just said is a lie.


16 thoughts on “*VIDEO* Obama Throws Embarrassing Hissy-Fit On National TV After His Latest Gun-Grabbing Effort Fails”

  1. To be blunt, at one time, the ‘majority of Americans’ thought slavery was a good idea. We are a nation of laws – a republic, not a democracy that allows the majority to force their views on the minority.

  2. This ” SO CALLED AMERICAN” is so full of Sh*t !!!! using ” our childeren ” as a cover up for his lies. He is pissed cause he did not get his GUN BAN passed !! Not due to young kids shot but to disarm the US People in order to get his take over plan rolling, to disarm america and start his intent of Marshal Law > call me full of $%%&* but I am telling you people who are sucker enough to believe in this fool > he is out to accomplish one thing and one thing only and that is to take this Nation to it’s knees.

  3. Your a bitchin lying fucking dictator, pass this law to extend background checks? To make it harder for criminals to acquire, what a dumbass!!! Criminals get there weapons any and every way, your not going to get them to follow laws, that’s why they’re criminals in the first place. so pass the law for so called safety, BULLSHIT!!!!! Really it all boils down to more control, for you and your administration, next it’ll be outlaw all guns

  4. For the children???? It sickens me that you keep ‘USING’ children to try to gain more control. It is about CONTROL. PERIOD. Quit ACTING like it is ‘for our best interest’ – you KNOW it is NOT. We are not as stupid and clueless as you had hoped. We are awake.

  5. Did anyone else notice how much Biden sulking in the background looks like Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter. I am so disappointed in our leadership! America deserves better!

    1. Amen, Mary!! It’s all about his agenda to control us and taking away our guns is the only way he can do it. He keeps dragging the latest wounded by gun people to each “hear me whine” press conference. Nothing about getting the Saudis for the Boston Marathon bombings and the little boy and others that was killed. He’s forgotten about that all ready. Probably some palms were greased by the Saudis to get their killers quietly out of the country and back to Saudi Arabia. Nothing about the people he deliberately let die in Benghazi.
      We all need to remember he is NOT For The American Citizen.

  6. It’s disgusting how upset he is over this but not so about the victims of Boston, Fort Hood, Benghazi, Fast & Furious or the slaughtered children of Kermit Goznel. This is one EVIL SOB!!

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