Why are four letters so tough for the GOP leadership?

Come on folks, how hard are the letters B L O and G? Maybe they should get their heads out of their, well, that place their heads should never be, and realize that most of us do this EVERY day, not for cash, or fame, but because we LOVE this nation and are fighting like Hell for it. We do not have whiteboards, or talking point memos. No we are not scripted, programmed talking heads What we do have is original ideas, principles, and a burning desire to help deliver the Conservative message. So, given these facts, why did the RNC report ignore bloggers? Stacy McCain ponders that question

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection spots the omission:

Even when the report does mention “social media,” it’s in the context of getting out the vote or having the party apparatus find a better way to reach voters.
I would not be surprised if the RNC spoke with some of the salaried conservative media class who share the Washington professional circuit.  But did they reach out to the Army of Davids who are the anti-thesis of the consultant model because we mostly don’t get paid or make much money blogging, we do this in our “spare” time, and we are outside D.C.?
Did the RNC get any input from the great unwashed conservative blogosphere? You wouldn’t know it from the report if it did . . .

Read the whole thing. The idea of “citizen-journalism” is quite nearly alien to the consultant class. The teamwork concept of voluntary collaboration mystifies people for whom politics is a paid gig. Take away their consulting fees, and these guys wouldn’t have anything to do with politics.

There is nothing wrong with applying the entrepreneurial spirit to politics — “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn” — so long as the rewards bear some relation to results. As I’ve often said about the hindsight criticisms leveled at the Romney campaign, nobody would have cared what they got paid, if only they had won the election.

The massive stumbling clusterf–k of the Romney campaign’s ”Project ORCA” exposed the fact that greedy incompetents were being paid ginormous fees to do jobs they didn’t actually know how to do. There is a difference between making a living and making a killing, you see.

The GOP ignoring bloggers is akin to a coaching staff leaving motivated, talented players out of his game plan.

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