Range Report

I finally took my new gun, the Taurus Millenium 40 cal to the range, and my first shot was just about dead center perfect. I went through 50 rounds, those .40’s are hard to come by right now, I have some coming via UPS tomorrow. All my shots were in the bullseye target, so every one would have been a hit which is good for someone a tad rusty. I stuck to the 3-7 yard range, and took a few at 15 yards too.  My dad went with me, he had the Taurus .357 Magnum I bought him in 1999, and a new Ruger .357 revolver he bought recently. Somehow, I am a better shot with both of those guns than with my new semi-auto, but more shooting will remedy that, I am sure. I was most accurate with the .357 Magnum Taurus, shooting .38 shells, and ended my day by landing three head shots, I forgot how much fun target shooting is. I will be going back soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Range Report”

  1. We just have an outdoor range and the closest target line is 25 yards unless you bring your own target stand. I shoot about 80% at 25 yards with my pistol at that range.

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