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Fed-Up Texas Restaurant Owner And Repeat Burglary Victim Fatally Shoots Suspected Robber – The Balze


After three recent break-ins at his restaurant in Edinburg, Texas, the fed-up owner of Pumpjack Mexican Restaurant began staying inside his business overnight to personally defend his property from intruders.

At around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, history again repeated itself. The business owner shot and killed a suspected burglar who forced his way into the restaurant. Police have identified the suspect as 46-year-old Gibert Medina, Jr., according to KGBT-TV.

Medina was confronted by the restaurant owner and, following a confrontation, was shot in the torso, according to police. At least three shots were fired.

Officials also confirmed that the Pumpjack Mexican Restaurant had been broken into three separate times in recent weeks, with criminals making off with TVs and cash.

Police have not identified the restaurant owner, but no criminal charges have been filed in the case. Texas’ “castle law” was extended from a person’s home to their workplace in 2007, allowing workers to use deadly force if they feel they are in danger.

Lt. Oscar Treviño, an Edinburg police spokesman, x that the case has been turned over to the Hidalgo County District Attorney for review.

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