Nutjob Teacher Flips Out Over “Neon-Colored” Water Pistol, Calls Police To School

Malden High Gun Scare Caused By Water Pistol – MaldenPatch

A teacher’s report of a gun sighting on the Malden High School campus prompted a quick police response Monday afternoon, though officers ultimately recovered only a “neon-colored” water gun at the scene.

While just a toy, fake guns are prohibited on-campus and can prompt a serious police response.

“A teacher reported hearing a clicking motion, and thought a student may have had a gun,” DeRuosi said when reached by phone Monday. “(Police) then found a water gun in the general vicinity.”

DeRuosi said new surveillance cameras installed as part of the school’s renovations last year will help identify the student who brought the toy to campus.

He added that administrators “have an idea of who the student may be.”

“You can’t take any of that stuff lightly today,” DeRuosi said.

Though a police report was filed, the student will only face internal disciplinary action for the incident, Malden Police Lt. Det. Marc Gatcomb said.

“The item was located after school dismissed for the day, and no persons were threatened that we know of,” Gatcomb wrote in an email.

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