Of course you know THIS means war!

The other McCain is keeping ABREAST of a breaking story out of the UK!

Since 1970, Britain’s largest-selling newspaper, The Sun tabloid, has been famous — or, as some would say, notorious — for publishing photos of topless models on page 3, so that the “Page Three Girls” have become something of a national institution. Yet now, radical feminists have mounted a campaign to ban these buxom beauties:

The campaign to have the infamous ‘Page 3’ of The Sun Newspaper stopped, banned or otherwise censored has reached incredible feats over the past few months. There is no doubt that when it comes to orchestrating a campaign, Lucy-Anne Holmes and her sidekicks are no fools.
From high-profile news stories to political buy-in, from university blanket bans to a petition now signed by 85,000 people, the anti-boob campaigners are allowing their censorious and illiberal tendencies to shine through.

That’s from Raheem Kassam of The Commentator, who points out that the argument made by feminists is that — wait for it — celebrating beautiful women hurts the feelings of less-beautiful women:

Holmes declared her selfish and self-hating motivations in an interview with The Guardian in September 2012.

She said, “It took me until I was 35 to go, ‘why have I hated my boobs?’… Oh, because I’ve been comparing them to this image in the paper that is purely for the gratification of men. I have never really owned this part of my body.”

Does Holmes’s insecurity seem like a good reason to stop other, secure women from using their bodies in a way they choose to, and in a way that drives the sales of the most popular newspaper in Britain?

Ah the Feminuts cannot stand to see men enjoy themselves can they? Well, as I said THIS MEANS WAR!

Bugs is right! So, in solidarity with my brothers in the UK, I offer you this. NSFW! 


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