Remember when Ashley Judd was hot, and not an annoying loud-mouthed Leftist?

A pretty face, with the personality of a rabid badger with hemmorhoids
A pretty face, with the personality of a rabid badger with hemorrhoids

Remember when Ashley Judd was a smoking hot actress? She was talented and then she opened her mouth and let her inner leftist out! BLAM, Puffy Face had emerged! And Stacy McCain mocked!

One of the important things about appreciating sarcasm is that it helps to understand intent: What is being mocked, and why? Otherwise, the cruel jests may seem entirely pointless and personal.

Here are three facts about Ashley Judd:

  1. She has been a spokeswoman for the abortion-industry lobbying group, NARAL. You can look it up.
  2. She is childless, and the failure of her fertility treatments was widely reported. You can look that up, too.
  3. After pro-life Republican Rick Santorum ended his 2012 presidential campaign, Ashley Judd starred in a “humorous” video that mocked Santorum by comparing his campaign to an abortion.

If you know that I am a pro-life father of six who supported Santorum’s candidacy, it is not necessary to explain why I’m so (ironically) excited by news that Ashley Judd is reportedly moving forward with plans to run for the Senate in Kentucky. A long season of mockery, ending ultimately in the “abortion” of Judd’s own campaign, offers ample opportunity for sweet, sweet payback. So . . .

Ms. Shriveled Lifeless Womb, who disparages motherhood and Ronald Reagan, and has compared coal mining to rape, thinks she’s going to get herself elected Senator in Kentucky. Need I mention she wrote a whole self-dramatizing feminist essay about her puffy face?

This — this — is “the marquee political story of 2014″?

Please, dear God, let this happen. The National Republican Senatorial Committee shares a mock Judd-for-Senate fundraising e-mail:

It’s time for Kentuckians to stand up and be counted.
We need someone representing us in Washington who was a Tennessee delegate for Barack Obama in 2012.
We need someone who believes it is “unconscionable to breed.”
Someone who has compared mountaintop removal mining to Rwandan genocide and has criticized Christianity as a religion that “legitimizes and seals male power.”
Someone who has called the tradition of fathers “giving away” their daughters at weddings “a common vestige of male dominion over a woman’s reproductive status.”
Finally somebody had the courage to say it!

Judd is a stupid woman. Sorry, I suppose that is harsh, but she is stupid. I recall she ballistic on Governor Palin because of wolf hunting in Alaska. The fact was that the wolves were decimating the reindeer population, so the policy actually was GOOD for the environment, but the facts did no derail the Ashley Judd Stupidity Express. Running on pure emotion, Judd exposed her lack of knowledge, as Leftists always do if you listen long enough. The fact is this Judd is an angry woman who suffers from Eternal Bitterness Syndrome, or EBS. She is only happy when playing the outraged victim of some imaginary Right Wing conspiracy, which also makes her delusional, and delusional puffy-faced broads who suffer from a Liberal malady like EBS are just annoying, no matter how hot they once were.

10 thoughts on “Remember when Ashley Judd was hot, and not an annoying loud-mouthed Leftist?”

    1. I always thought she was hot, but the more she talked, the uglier she got, Sad, she has had lots of advantages in life, yet she is so bitter. Like most Lefties

  1. I really had no idea who she was until this political stuff came up. I thought she was one of “the Judds”. Isn’t she?

  2. She’s a LIBERAL, i.e. CENTRE LEFT, not a “leftist”. She should be grateful she’s not a bona fide leftie, (i.e. Socialist) or you guys would be putting out A.P.Bs to your weekend warrior pistol totin’ pals patrolling the borders of all 50 states to shoot her on sight if he was.

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