Klavan: Conservatives are boobs when it comes to pop culture

He makes some great points. Points I think we ought to take to heart.

Now that we are descending into nanny-state soft tyranny under the sure and certain leadership of our beloved Not-A-Dictator, we are going to need a Minister of All Cultures and my nominee is John Nolte of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. First of all, I know Nolte so even under the new regime, I should be able to score copies of movies with all the offensive scenes still intact. And second of all, I’m beginning to think that he is the last sane man discussing pop culture in America except for me. And I’m not too sure about me.

Last week, the Noltenator ran a terrific piece defending funny man Seth MacFarlane from both left-wing and right-wing attacks on his off-beat, politically incorrect and also very amusing Academy Awards performance. Especially under fire was a song called “We Saw Your Boobs,” which named which actresses had exposed themselves in which movies. Critics on left and right called the song sexist, offensive, puerile, etc, and Nolte explained to them: shut the hell up.

What strikes me as wrong-headed… is all this taking of offense and hurling of “ists.” I fear we’re becoming a nation of well-intentioned (sometimes) “Footloose” dads who see danger in harmless fun; where we cry “ist” to put a stop to things that make us uncomfortable; where — so “we don’t offend” and “for the good of others” – we build restrictions. And what happens in the process? We lose our own capacity for joy and that very healthy exercise known as laughing at ourselves.

Read the whole thing here. It’s worth it.

But while John takes both the left and the right to task, I think the right is more to blame here. When leftists attacked MacFarlane, they were being pinched, small-minded, puritanical, humorless, bullying, and censorious — which is to say, they were being themselves! Blaming them for that is like blaming a rattler for having venom.

But if right wingers want to speak through and about pop culture, they need to learn to be smarter and better than the opposition. The fact is, properly understood the “Boobs” song was a triumph for right-wing values!

Too often it seems some Conservatives try to trump the Left by adopting their tactics. Like playing the victim card. Look, we are Conservatives, we do not play the PC game very well, and we should not try. We are not by nature, whiners, nor should we try to be. No one likes anyone who is always feeling offended, or like they are part of a victim class. This is why certain “Socially Conservative” groups hack me off. It is bad enough to hear Liberals play the role of the victimized, hearing Conservatives do it is even more grating. Yes, I know, members of the American Family Association are offended by most things on TV. Fine, turn the channel if you do not like the show that offends you, don’t let your kids watch it, but stop trying to get the FCC to step in and  censor what you don’t like. Believe it or not not everyone wants everything to be “family-friendly”. I like drama, and thrillers, and comedies like Two and a Half Men, and shows like Bones, CSI, NCIS, and others that might not be suited for kids. I enjoy them, and do not really care if they offend you, nor should I care. Get the Hell over it! EVERYTHING that is written, spoken, broadcast or expressed offends someone, that is just the way it is, again GET OVER IT!

As I said already, I am well past tired of everyone crying about this show, or that song, or this or that offended them. Tell you what, go find the the right never to be offended, THEN we can talk, otherwise shut up already! Honestly folks, we have a president that is trashing this country. The economy, foreign policy, spending, taxes, the right to keep and bear arms, our military, Obamacare, all matter a LOT more than you getting your panties in a wad over Seth McFarlane singing a song about boobs, or some other comedian making a joke, or some show that you think portrayed Conservatives in a bad light, or OH MY GOD, Beyonce was too sexy at the Super Bowl. Good grief!

In fact, take the Oscars, I never watch them, or any other awards show. Why? Because they offend me, too much pretense, too much giving three of four movies, or singer, or TV show every award, too much song and dance, I LOATHE musicals, ALL musicals, always have, even when I was small. I used to watch shows with my parents or grandparents where there would be singing and dancing, and I would think, why are they singing and dancing? Yet, I have never ever held a desire to prevent someone else from watching these shows. Nor have I led any boycotts to rid TV of the reality show, which are so obnoxious to me. Want to know why? Because I do not think I am entitled, that is why.

I guess what I am saying is I am tired of every Liberal out there contracting Offendeditis at every turn. I am tired of the radical Atheists who freak every Christmas. I am tired of the race pimps at the NAACP, and MSNBS making everything about race. I am tired of the gender pimps AKA Feminists going ballistic at every turn too. I am tired of seeing the Boy Scouts attacked because they dare exercise their right to freedom of association. I am tired of Gay couples thinking they can force a florist or bakery to do business with them. Find another bakery! I am tired of the incessant whining. Everyone is entitled to never be offended somehow? And, I hate to say it but I see more and more Conservatives flirting with this same attitude. Sorry, but we are better than Liberals, we really ought to act like it.

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