Naked Assclown (And Probable Obama Supporter) Declares His Love For Cocaine To Cops, Resists Arrest, Gets Tased

Cops: Naked Man Ran Around Professing His Love Of Cocaine, Told Officers He Needed More – Florida Sun-Sentinel

Cocaine can be a strange mistress.

Cops responded to several calls on Feb. 24th about a nude dude running through a Crestview apartment complex. One caller reported the naked man tried to get inside her car as she and her young child drove by, according to an arrest report by the Crestview Police Department.

As a responding officer approached, he saw the man lying on the grass near a building. The man, later ID’d as Quanta’e Levonne Powell, 21, seemed to be “very agitated” and kept screaming and yelling about cocaine then got up and jumped on the hood of the patrol car, according to the arrest affidavit.


When asked what was going on, Powell allegedly told the cop “I love cocaine” and ‘fessed up to doing some coke. He also told another officers who had arrived on the scene thet he “loved cocaine” and “needed more,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Powell then got off the ground and began to run towards the front of the complex, turned around and ran back towards the officer, doing a “head-first slide on his stomach” near the officer, the affidavit stated.

As the officer tried to handcuff Powell due to safey concerns, Powell reportedly rolled on his back and kicked the officer.

That act, along with refusing to be cooperative and fleeing from the officer agian, earned Powell a tase… twice, the record showed.

Another officer found a pair of camouflage pants and other clothing on the ground nearby which contained some pot, a North Carolina Identification Card, a Georgia Driver’s License and a Visa credit card – all with Powell’s name on them, the report stated.

Powell was charged with Resising an Officer-Obstruction without Violence after being released from a hospital.

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