Finally decided on my new gun

I have been looking for a new gun specifically designed for concealed carry, something small, but powerful. After looking at several local shops, and several Academy Sports, I narrowed my choices and last Friday, I went to the Academy in Arlington, and bought my newest gun. Yes, Liberals I own four handguns, two shotguns, and some rifles, you Liberals would call that an “arsenal”. Anyway, the gun I opted for is this. The Taurus Millenium Pro 140 .40 S&W Polymer Pistol in stainless steel.


It has a 10-shot magazine, the gun comes with two, two safeties, including a locking mechanism that disables the gun entirely, and a loaded chamber indicator. Being a .4o caliber it has sufficient power, and weighs only 18.7 ounces with a 3.25 ” barrel. I am taking it to the range over the next few days so I will get back to y’all on how it does


8 thoughts on “Finally decided on my new gun”

  1. Happy New Gun! I am sure that you will like it. My .45 (1911) is so much heavier, I am thinking about going down to a .40 like yours or a .38…We’ll see.

    1. I have a Colt 1911 .45, bought it in 1991, it is a cannon, still my favorite gun. It was the gun I had in 1998 when some thug tried to rob me as I left my restaurant. So, I will always have a special place for that weapon.

  2. Nice looking pistol. Looks about the same size as my Wife’s Taurus P-111 in 9mm. When I go for a new gun, I might consider the .40 like you just got. I really like my S&W model 5906, but it’s harder to conceal, being a large frame SA.

    1. Thanks, I took a couple of months to look around, compare. Taurus was a lot less expensive than Glock, Beretta, HK, and others, and everyone I talked to said it was a good solid gun. Plus I have had a Taurus 357 Magnum since 1999, and Taurus has a lifetime repair guarantee.

  3. Fine looking weapon, Doug. I myself am thinking of picking up a handgun in a few months. Right now I’m leaning toward the Smith & Wesson SD40. It’s designed for home defense, but is small enough for CC as well. It’s also low priced – somewhere around $350 – and is made by one of the best firearms companies ever. 🙂

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