Excuse me folks, but I am about to break my no “F” word rule

Charlie Rangel, go Fuck Yourself!

I try not to use the “F” word here, I REALLY try. But, when I hear Charlie Rantin’ Ravin’ Rangel, AKA Charlie the Corrupt bad mouth a Black man for daring to think outside the Leftists box, I just cannot help it. 

The NRA made headlines recently by hiring gun rights activist and YouTube personality Colion Noirto join its “news” team. MSNBC host Chris Jansingshowed Noir’s debut ad for the NRA to Rep.Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Tuesday morning, and the congressman was not impressed.

“I think it’s an insult to the American people’s intelligence,” Rangel said after the viewing the ad, adding that “there’s no question” that the NRA “just creates things about minorities.” Rangel argued his position that “we don’t need these guns in the inner city and we don’t need assault weapons in the rural areas.”

The ad in question features Noir making some of the same points he has made independently in his own YouTube videos, but this time with higher production value, better graphics and more dramatic music. Noir advocates owning and carrying guns for personal safety and responsibility, saying that “cops can’t always be there, Obama definitely can’t be there.”

Noir is arguably a more dynamic spokesperson than NRA executive Wayne LaPierre, with the potential to reach a younger andmore diverse audience. That fact explains why the NRA hired him, as well as why people like Charlie Rangel think he’s so dangerous.

That is exactly right. Black people who speak against the Statism of the Left are a threat to the power of pimps like Rangel. That is why Rangel, and others attack them so viciously. Here is the video that so offended Rantin’Rangel


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