Every time I hear Jeb Bush 2016, I throw up in my mouth

Full disclosure, I voted for Jeb in 1994, when I still lived in Florida. I voted for his father in 1988 and 1992, and yes, I voted for “W” in 1998 as Texas Governor, and in 2000 and 2004 for president. I am not a Bush hater. But, Jeb is way too “moderate” for my taste, and I think another squishy Republican is the last thing we need in 2016. So, I do not cheer when I hear Jeb Bush flirting with a possible run.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush won’t confirm he’s a candidate for the next presidential race, but he sounded like a White House hopeful Monday, declaring his party in need of leadership.

“I have a voice, I want to share my beliefs about how the conservative movement and the Republican party can regain its footing, because we’ve lost our way,” he told TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

Bush said he wouldn’t rule out a run in 2016, “but I won’t declare today either.”

I doubt he could win the nomination frankly, although I am sure Karl Rove and the establishment would love him. He is just the type of Republican they swoon over. It is too early to be speculating about 2016 to me. That whole 2014 midterm is a lot closer, and that is a crucial election. We really need the Senate back in GOP hands folks. 


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