A peace plan we can all get behind

Commenting on the latest screwy idea from Liberals, a Department of Peacebuilding, Milton Wolf comes up with something that might actually bring more peace

Let’s rename the Department of Defense back to it’s previous name, The Department of War, and let’s get back to the business of winning them for a change. Instead of sending troops all over the globe under the slippery context of defense — or worse yet, peace — let’s return to the Department of War mindset when we actually won wars — unambiguously, unmistakably and unapologetically won wars.

It’s a sobering decision to go to war, or at least it should be. It’s a last resort option, like open-heart surgery, but sometimes it is necessary. When we hide behind euphemisms like peacekeeping or peacebuilding or even defense, we fool ourselves into protracted and seemingly inextricable conflicts. Our enemies declare war on us but we refuse to declare war on them. In the end, this is worse than war itself.

Want peace? Then decide wisely, decide soberly when the dangers before us warrant war and then officially declare it and unambiguously win it. Want peace? Then forget the hippies; call in the Department of War. 

Brilliant! Speak softly? Sure! Carry a big stick? Ye! And when you use that stick, use it with such force that no one will ever want to make you use it again!


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