Italian restaurant in hot water for using too many, wait for it…………..

Italian words

Buonanotte, an Italian restaurant in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, was facing a complaint from the language officials of the province as their menu have too much Italian words in it which the restaurant also failed to provide French translations.

The owner of the said restaurant, Massimo Lecas, said that last Valentine’s Day, he was contacted by a French language officer (OQLF), Martin Bergeron, telling him that their menu contained “too much Italian.”

Lecas also stated that the officer suggested that seemingly, all words in their menu should be translated in French even the words pasta, calamari and meatball.

As the incident became sensationalized, OQLF was said to have backed down on their claims while admitting that they might be getting too carried away with their mission of making French the predominant language in all public places in Montreal. 

Got Nanny State?


3 thoughts on “Italian restaurant in hot water for using too many, wait for it…………..”

  1. You can’t imagine how annoying the Montreal francophones are. The *refuse* even try to understand you unless you speak perfect French. My high school French is rusty, but passable. But when dealing with folks in Montreal for work they absolutely won’t even acknowledge my attempts at communicating with them. Total snobs!

    But it’s not all of Quebec, the idiocy is confined to Montreal and nearby towns. In Quebec City they love people who speak English and they’re always helpful when I try to muddle through in French.

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