Pickles cause Offendeditis outbreak

Via Moonbattery

One advantage moonbats have is that they need not worry about being subjected to parody — not because most comedians are obedient liberal establishment lapdogs, but because it is impossible to parody a reality like this:

A food company has changed the name of its popular Cains Kosher Dill Midgets after an online campaign by the mom of a girl born with dwarfism.

Chelley Martinka, whose 10-month-old baby daughter Adelaide has the condition, was incensed after seeing the name on jars at her local supermarket in Cranston, R.I.

Wait, this woman has just now discovered pickles called midgets? Has she ever been to a grocery store before? It seems far-fetched that she just now uncovered this knowledge. Further, why would a company cave in to this? Certainly 99% of the people would think this woman’s actions are asinine. Have we really become, as a society this gutless? This hyper sensitive? This wimpy and soft? These companies that cave in need to understand something. They are only empowering the malcontents of the world by such idiotic actions.


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