David Axelrod and Baghdad Bob Gibbs promise to stop lying now that MSNBS has hired them

Of course, why would anyone assume that two noted liars keep on lying after the Lying News Network (MSNBS) hires them?

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC’s hiring of former high-ranking Obamastaffers David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs once again puts the network in the position of having to defend itself against allegations of being decidedly “pro-Obama” in its reporting and analysis. Speaking with CNN’s Howard Kurtzthis morning, the two pushed back against such accusations and instead claimed the mantle of “independent analysts.”

“Independent analysis” as in independent from reality.

Gibbs is Obama’s former White House press secretary and played a big role in the 2012 presidential campaign; Axelrod has long been a close adviser to Obama. Their hiring at MSNBC renewed the widespread criticism that the network is “in the tank” for the president, prompting the Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald to liken MSNBC’s “purpose” to how Fox News uses GOP loyals like Karl Rove on a regular basis.

But speaking with Kurtz this morning, the Obama confidantes said they plan to act as “independent” analysts for the network.

“I don’t see it either as being a cheerleader for the president or as a spokesman for the administration’s point of view,” Gibbs said.

Of course not. It is not “either” because they are both cheerleaders and spokesmen for Team Obama. And now that Pravda has hired them, they will continue to serve as good comrades!


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