7 Things Jesse Jackson, Jr. Bought With Stolen Campaign Money

7 Things Jesse Jackson, Jr. Bought With Stolen Campaign Money – Red Alert Politics

Earlier today former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., D-Ill., pled guilty to a count of conspiracy for misusing more than $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use. His wife, Sandi, is expected to plead guilty this afternoon for filing false tax returns in the years that her husband pilfered from his campaign coiffeurs.

The Jacksons had some – well, let’s say creative – uses for their embezzled cash. Below is a guide to some of the purchases the Jacksons made with the stolen cash:


Apparently the Jacksons were obsessed with memorabilia belonging to deceased celebrities and civil activists, as that is where most of the purloined money was spent. The couple purchased more than $10,000 in Bruce Lee memorabilia between 2007-2009…


…and another $27,000 on collectibles once belonging to Michael Jackson in the months following his untimely death in 2009. Among the items purchased were a fedora and a guitar signed by both the King of Pop and Eddie Van Halen.


The Jacksons also spent $11,000 on memorabilia from the late civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., and several thousand more dollars on memorabilia belonging to the late Jimi Hendrix and Malcolm X.


The former Congressman treated himself to a $43,000 gold-plated Rolex watch in 2007…


…and also decided to redo his children’s bedrooms in 2008, spending nearly $10,000 on new furniture.


The couple also spent more than $5,000 on furs from Edwards Lowell, a Los Angeles boutique, in November 2009.


Last, but not least, there’s the football that the Jacksons purchased for $5,000, which is signed by several former U.S. presidents.

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