Your Marxist Moron of the Day is…….

The RINO of all RINOs David Frum, who urges President Obama to go after guns no matter what, Congress does, or what the will of the people is. 

Obama needs a ‘Plan B’ on guns — David Frum, CNN

On guns, President Obama needs a “Plan B.”

The president himself recognizes that the votes probably aren’t there to pass any significant gun legislation through Congress. In his State of the Union address, he was reduced to pleading with Congress to allow a vote at all, never mind actually enact anything. […]

Fifty years ago, Americans contended with similar public ignorance — and similar industry misinformation — about the hazards of cigarette smoking. The argument was settled by the famous surgeon general’s report of 1964.

See, Frum just says we are all too stupid to know what enlightened Nanny Statists like him know, that guns are bad! How lucky we are to have useful idiots intellectual elites like Frum to save us from ourselves. I mean who needs all those icky liberties anyway?

Congress in the mid-1990s forbade the federal government to fund its own research into the health risks presented by guns. By now, however, enough research has been done by privately funded scholars that the surgeon general could write a report based on existing material. Such a report would surely reach the conclusion that a gun in the home greatly elevates risks of suicide, lethal accident and fatal domestic violence. The first step to changing gun policy is to change public attitudes about guns, as Americans previously changed their attitudes about tobacco and drunken driving.

Of course, Frum likes to ignore all the times that Americans use guns to defend themselves, something he says almost never happens, although it happens more often than all those incidents he mentions above. What Frum wants is a government led propaganda campaign to demonize guns. He would feel better if we did not have that whole right to self-defense, another one of those liberties elites like Frum think we should not have. Of course, we can find reports right now that show that many things are more dangerous than guns, would Frum cede the power to demonize those to Congress as well?

The surgeon general can lead that attitude change with more authority than any other public official.

YES! Our attitudes are out of line, at least according to Frum, and we need attitude adjustments. Man, it is too bad Frum was not around to straighten out those kooky Founding Fathers way back when. Natural rights? Not in Frumland boys and girls!

The second step that might be taken — again without the need for any congressional vote — is for the Senate to convene hearings into the practices of the gun industry analogous to those it convened into the tobacco industry in the 1990s

AHA! Yes, those gun companies advertise their products! How evil can they get? Besides, guns are evil, just ask Frum the Elite.


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