Boy, some people just do not get how “cool” Obama is I guess

After the Stare of the Union speech, ah sermon, ah campaign event last night you might be wondering what other regular Americans thought of it. I overheard several conversations at the airport today, and, suffice it to say, the thumbs were not pointing up. Over at Wyblog, Chris is less than impressed

Universal preschool? Yeah, because starting the progressive indoctrination at age 5 is sometimes too late. Gotta get ’em when they’re really young and impressionable. By kindergarten some kids already believe in God, and that cuts down on their ability to pledge unvarnished fealty to the State.

How else can he expect to create a nation of sheeple who’ll let him play dictator via the Executive Order(s) of the Day? The government is smarter than you; go back to watchingAmerican Idol and leave the thinking to us!

Gun Control! Now! Because children.

How about ponies? Children want ponies too. I’ll bet I can find a boatload of YouTube videos of kids asking for a pony. Are those kids any less earnest than the kids begging Dear Leader to take away my guns?

If I wanted a child to run the country I would have voted for one. Can we put the adults back in charge? Please?

“The fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15.” Um, no. Sorry Sport. Not even close. Get your facts straight.

Oh, who am I kidding? To his followers, anything Dear Leader says is automatically a Fact. Unless you’re a racist.

He’s reduced the deficit by $2.5 Trillion. He said it, it must be true. In some alternate universe.

Of course, Obamabots do reside in an alternate universe. A universe where the terrible economy of President Bush was Bush’s fault but the terrible economy of Obama’s first term is, well that is Bush’s fault as well. A universe where that evil President Bush spent WAY TOO MUCH! A universe where the Obamassiah spent way more than Bush, but that is OK, I mean he had to spend more, because, apparently, the only way to fix too overspending is by spending more. Oh, and that unemployment rate? Bush’s fault!

So, basically, this is what Obama says he wants. He wants to spend more, tax more, gut the military, embrace our enemies, tell our friends to go screw themselves, and oh yes, create lots of green jobs, you know, because that worked so well during the first four years of Obamanomics. Oh, and, of course, Obama tells us that whole sequester notion that he cooked up? Well that is the Republican’s fault now, an evil plot to take food from children or something. Of course, he pitched for more gun control laws, and more government solutions for everything.

So, I suppose there is but one thing to learn here America. Obama is not the solution, he is the problem


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