The best reason ever to hope Duke loses every game they play

You have to respect Duke for the record of excellence, mainly due to having Coach K around, and I have  never had an issue with the Cameron Crazies for taunting opposing players. I have always hated Duke because they get, in my view “Notre Dame” type treatment from the media. Of course no one gets treated as special as the Notre Dame football program, which is why I despise Notre dame and pull for them to lose every game they play, but Duke basketball comes close. But back to those Cameron Crazies. They did something recently that should make everyone hate them for the spoiled little bastards that they are.

Sicko News has the story and video

Now their Cameron Crazies pack of students are in limelight again. They were filmed while taunting a player of the opposite team. You think this is normal. Well wait for it then. They were taunting him on the death of his grandmother. Can’t believe it right? Tyler Lewis had lost his grandmother on Saturday and apparently they both were close to each other.

When Lewis came to free throw line last night, the crowd was filmed chanting, “Where is your grandma?” Duke has obviously disagreed with the fact that this happened but the video says it all.


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