The answer is because he is a Democrat

If this were Jeopardy, you would ring in and answer with the question. In this case Lonely Conservative asks the right question. Why is Bob Menendez still a US Senator?

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is no stranger to scandal, but the latest allegations against him would have meant the end of his political career if he had an R next to his name rather than a D. Not only is he under an ethics investigation for accepting the gift of chartered flights to the Dominican Republic, there are also charges that the chairman of the foreign relations committee was having sex with underage prostitutes while in that foreign country. So, why is he still a senator? Because, he’s a Democrat from New Jersey.

The sad truth is this. Powerful politicians from both parties do bad things. Politicians from both parties get caught. But, it seems, for the most part, only Republicans have the decency to resign. This is true in part because the media makes far more of Republican scandals than Democrat scandals. It is also true that Republicans have more of a sense of what is right, even when they do wrong. And, sadly, it is true because Democrats care about power more than morality, or decency. And yes, that applies to Democratic voters as well, except that rather than placing power over morals, Democratic voters place their own sense of entitlement, as in entitled to some of everyone else’s money, above morals.

This brings me to another answer, to a question I have asked quite a bit. Given the lack of character, the lack of respect for the Constitution, and the lack of interest in the will of the people most Democrats openly display, why would anyone be a Democrat? The answer? Because they know Democrats will keep the handouts coming. And if that offends you as a Democrat, do not blame me. The truth hurts, so, instead of attacking me go take  a long look in the mirror.

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