Saying Obamacare sucks is easy, but complying with it?

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Via Washington Examiner:

Complying with the raging tsunami of new Obamacare rules and regulations will cost American businesses and families 127 million hours annually, enough time to carve out another 1,039 Mount Rushmores which took 14 years complete, according to a new House report.

Based on figures from President Obama’s own Office of Management and Budget and Internal Revenue Service, the new report provided to Secrets reveals that the health reform law set to fully go into effect in 11 months will be the most costly federal burden to hit American in generations. And that hardship will grow as more rules are released.

Just consider: Using the lowest possible wage of an employee complying with Obamacare paperwork–the federal minimum wage–it will cost nearly $1 billion. Put another way: The Empire State building, which took 7 million hours to build, could be erected another 17 times in the time required every year to handle Obamacare rules and regulations.

Ah yes, the inherent incompetence of our government on full display. When we elect buffoons and corruptocrats to office, they pass bills like this, even while we scream not to pass them. And, rather than pass bills that are small, easy to understand an implement, and, yes transparent, Congress passes bills so large no  human being could ever fully grasp them. Put it this way, if you called Congress to fix your flat tire, it would go this way. First they would debate for days about the best way to do it. Then they would take three months to actually change your tire. Then they would hand you  a bill for 12,000,000 dollars, and after all of that, not only would your flat tire still be flat, but so would your spare, your other three tires, and your car would need a new engine as well.


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