Obamamerica- a preview

Stacy McCain comments on the sad death of a beautiful young girl, gunned down by a thug in, where else, Chicago, where gangs, government thugs, and very strict gun laws offer us a preview of what America is looking at under Obama.

Her name was Hadiya Pendleton and she was only 15 years old:

The city’s 42nd slaying is part of Chicago’s bloodiest January in more than a decade, following on the heels of 2012, which ended with more than 500 homicides for the first time since 2008. . . .
About three blocks from Hadiya’s school, she and a group of 10-12 young people, including members of her volleyball team, had taken refuge under a canopy at a park to avoid the rain Tuesday afternoon. A man climbed a fence behind the park, ran at the group and started shooting, and then jumped back over the fence and into a white Nissan. The group scattered, but Hadiya was shot once in the back and a teenage boy was shot in the leg.
Police said Hadiya had no arrest record and there was no indication she was a member of a gang or was the gunman’s target. In fact, McCarthy said there are no indications that anyone in the group was gang-affiliated. He said the police suspect that the gunman may be a member of a gang that considers the park its turf and that he mistook somebody in the group as someone from an encroaching rival gang.

Gangs, both on the street and in government run Chicago it seems. Why doesn’t Mayor Rahmbo get tough on gangs? I mean come on Rahmbo, isn’t this a crisis? Are you going to waste this one? Or perhaps actually making Chicago safer and serving the people are not worthwhile to Rahmbo after all.

Chicago has very stringent gun laws. What Chicago doesn’t have is economic opportunity, honest government or enough law-abiding citizens to keep the peace, so that neighborhoods are effectively ruled by gangs like the Satan’s Disciples and the Latin Kings, who terrorize and intimidate residents. Witnesses will not testify against the gangsters, and the police — to the extent that Chicago police are notentirely corrupt — are unable to apprehend or effectively prosecute these criminals.

Hadiya Pendleton was murdered about a mile from the $1.6 million-dollar home that Obama purchased in a corrupt deal with Tony Rezko.

Tragic, heart breaking, and, as I said, I fear a sign of things to come in Obamamerica. Stacy McCain offers the same awful preview

This is the future of corruption and criminality — “The Chicago Way” — that Obama is bringing to America as a matter of policy.

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